The NLP and Hypnosis Guide

Hosted by:  David Youhas

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Welcome to Awaken The Mind - The NLP and Hypnosis Guide. A podcast that inspires the curios to the professional, to discover meaningful content to pursue their passions.


Our purpose is to show and experience the value of these rapid life changing tools. These modalities have proven effective with quickly healing and change results.


Discover from interviews with authors, hands on demonstrations, practitioners sharing tools and techniques for you to add to your tool kit and explore. Raise your bar of excellence with clinical healing and change work, and on the business side, how to improve your efficiency, automation and marketing skills.


Our intention is to contribute and share this awesome work with students, so that they will pass it on and pay it forward to a future generation of practitioners. 

What is your unique specialty or contribution to change work? Do you coach, author, NLP, hypnotist, or any energy healing work? We want YOU! Let's talk! Click message button now and let us know you want to schedule an interview!

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