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Lilia Fallgatter holds a Juris Doctorate degree, is the founder of Inspirit Books and Music, has a passion for education, and has experience in online learning as an administrator and instructor. She is also a writer of non-fiction books, a poet and songwriter. Lilia is the author of: How To Catch A Man, The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write, and The 5 Decisions ~That Can Transform Your Life Forever. She writes and teaches on the topics of relationships, personal growth and development, and content development. Lilia currently teaches several courses on Udemy, coaches aspiring non-fiction book authors, and teaches others how to use books and courses for brand building and creating passive income streams.

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Main Areas: Writing, Publishing, Speaking, Higher Education Administration
Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Publisher
Affiliation: Inspirit Books, LLC 

Lilia Fallgatter, JD, is an interpersonal communications specialist, speaker, adult educator and author. Her book, "The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write, How To Tell Loved Ones How You Feel Before It’s Too Late," was written following the loss of a close friend to cancer. After her friends death, she wrote a letter telling her friend the positive impact she had in Lilia's life. Although writing the letter made her feel better, Lilia deeply regretted not having shared her feelings before her friend died . Shortly after, Lilia began writing ”Loving Letters”® to loved ones who were still alive, in order to avoid the same regret experienced upon losing her friend. Lilia made it her mission to help others do the same, and developed a workshop in which she teaches participants how to write Loving Letters. Participants leave with a letter to a loved one in hand. In addition to her book and workshop Lilia offers the following services:


Presentations & Workshop Topics
The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write 
The Gift Of Forgiveness - Letter Writing Workshop 
Optimism 101 - How to See and Build a Brighter Future 
Diplomacy 101 - How being nice can take you places 
Business 101 - Exceptional Customer Service 
Riveting Workshops - How to attract more clients 
From Zero To Published in 90 Days 
Creating A Positive Work Culture 

Coaching & Mentoring Services 
Lilia offers customized coaching and mentoring programs tailored to suit the needs of each individual. Contact Lilia directly for more information.

Writing Services
Book Writing and Publishing 
Business letters and Reports 
Song Lyrics 
Mottos and Slogans 

Consulting Services
Let Lilia's experience and expertise take you to the next level. Topics for consultation include:

Independent Publishing 
Workshop/Seminar Development 
Online Learning 
Faculty Development 
Interpersonal Communication 

Voice Over Services 
Lilia is available to provide voice over services for the following types of projects:

Audio Books and Books on Tape 
Business Presentation and corporate videos 
Educational Videos and E-Learning 
Language and Translation Services 
Narration and Documentaries 
Podcasts and Podcasting Voices 
Radio Commercials 
Telephone System Recordings, Voicemail and On-Hold 
Television Commercials 
Visit Lilia page at www.voices.com


For more information about Lilia's work, visit www.lovingletter.com.

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