15 - Matthew Bennett - Connecting Paradigms and Motivational Interviewing

A young, fresh out of college counselor sets out to change the world. Matthew Bennett talks about his early years in south Indianapolis, Indiana during the crack epidemic. Working as a counselor at a juvenile detentions center, face to face with hardcore gang members facing death, either way, a strong motivator to want to survive. An incredible story on change work. Motivational interviewing has it's roots in trauma and addictions, most of us can not even fathom... drugs, heroin, crack, gangs, homelessness, addictions, families torn apart and children taken out of homes for their protection. Matthew talks about how could someone possibly be making choices that seem obvious having exponential negative consequences and how that judgment upon them statistically, hinders them moving toward a better life. Matthew author of "Connecting Paradigms, A Trauma Informed & Neurobiological Framework For Motivational Implementation" talks about Motivational Interviewing, M.I., trauma, addictions, PTSD and more.


Have you heard of Motivational Interviewing? This is the book of the year to read in 2019 and the best read for me in 2018. I read hundreds of books every year and this is an incredible and powerful tool for change. Interview with author Matthew Bennett about his book Connecting Paradigms. I first learned about M.I. in a clinic facilitator training through the American Lung Association and their Freedom from Smoking training. Rolling my eyes initially...another freaking modality? However, M.I. has its roots in big A addictions, heroin, cocaine, crack, meth... where lives and families are ripped apart. M.I. has a solid foundation, in research and results. A must read for those working with change work. M.I. offers a beautiful structure that the client get's to own or not own and relieves the therapist from judging the client and trying to fix them... The structure from the book, creates an awareness and a shift in the clients language called "change language".































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