19 - Amanda Wanowski - PTSD Emotional First Aid

Amanda Wanowski - a medic on the frontlines in Afghanistan, and her story how NLP, Hypnosis and other techniques offer hope and release of anxiety and PTSD


19 - Amanda Wanowski - PTSD 


The Breakthrough Project was born out of over coming adversity. My mission is to provide life affirming change.“Ever since I broke out from under the cloud of PTSD, my life has never been the same. I am humbled by the experience, but want to use it to help the world more than anything. And while today I live an extraordinarily different life from the one I was imprisoned in. I do realize that many people are still struggling with trauma and pain daily residing from their very personal and individual experiences. Triumphing over Trauma is what I am dedicated to achieving. The opportunity for expansion and growth is huge when an individual is able to take control of the daily stress, exhaustion, and life they are currently living. These experiences can be holding a individual back from recovering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety. The breakthrough Project heals the invisible scars, the ones that run deep, the scars that go unseen by the rest of the world. I am in the business not only finding what ever is holding you back, together we will dismantle take apart and destroy every part of it. I’m ready when you are. I’m in the business of life and bringing about change fast.



Because no one ever told me it should be any other way.



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