22- Kirby Ingles - Fatherless Men and Vetarans

Over the past two decades, Kirby has taken on numerous leadership development positions across the world, equipping Human Resource and Executive Level Leadership the ability to achieve higher performance, leading and growing their teams.

Now, he specializes in helping fatherless men and veterans go from where they are to where they want to be. He guides and walks alongside them to find their purpose, understand and apply their unique strengths and passions in their personal and professional lives. Kirby works with veterans and fatherless men to build a framework that creates an abundant and satisfying life they desire.

Tomorrow, he will be helping you make significant changes in your life so you can impact those within your circle of influence to become agents of change and pillars of the community. Everyone has something remarkable about them, and he wants to help you become extraordinary.

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Kirby's Website - www.kirbyingles.com

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