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My name is Tami LoPresti. I am a Love Your life coach and I help moms go from raising kids to discovering their big new life after those kids become adults. As a single mom of 3 daughters for 26 years I know a thing or two about how this transition goes. In the beginning it feels really scary and you aren’t sure who you are or where to even start. You feel like it’s all over and you didn’t get to do all the things. And you wonder if you even did any of it right or not. And then I come along to show you that your whole life is actually right in front of you! You can now do all the things you always wanted to do. You can be the you that was buried inside. You can finally do all the things you always put off. And now you get to have even better relationships with your children as adults than you ever had when they were kids! I take you from feeling scared and unsure to confident and excited. And it’s fun too!

Tami LoPresti  - Love Your Life Coaching


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