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Attend Presentation and YOU have a Chance to win $10,000!!!  (lottery ticket)


Presentation Attendee FULL Access FREE

Notes, Forms, Photos and Full Presentation

Podcasting 101 – Everything from Scratch to Broadcast

Presentation Overview

Pre Podcast Creation


Visioning the Podcast – 3 P's Exercise and PDF/Blank Form

NLP Presupposition - "We have all the resources wee need"

We already have all the answers – its more about asking the right question.

Out Sourcing Virtual Assistant

  • Artwork, audio, logos, business cards, editing, pamphlets – UpWork, Fancy Hands – Fiver


- Microphones, Digital Recorder, Video, Lighting, Computer

- Sound quality


Pre Interview


Scheduling – manually or EZ Acuity scheduling – give a link and they pick a time

Interview research – know the guest online, read their website, book, Youtube presentations





Using pre work form

Audio – in person digital recorder, Zoom, Skype, GoTo meeting

Video –

In person - Video recording

Online - Zoom - Skype - GoTo Meeting

Green/Blue screen - Zoom walk through and green screen demonstration


  • pre interview talk - build rapport, overview of the interview

  • interview – getting to know you/past, what lead you to today, what's next for you, contact

  • post interview/thank you and how and when to expect to see/hear interview


Post Interview Work Flow


Edit – audio (audacity, ID3 Editor ) video - Final Cut


Upload to storage - (audio – libsyn) (video - Youtube)


Post on website / share social media



Inviting you all to be interviewed on Awaken The Mind - The NLP and Hypnosis Guide!

note: all presentation materials, processes and organizational forms will be given/shared to those attending