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Eating Disorders, Body Image, Self Love, and Acceptance.

Episode 8 - Eleni Kapetanios - Break Through With Eleni

Listen to podcast here ---> Podcast Break Through With Eleni

Listen to podcast here ---> Break Through With Eleni

Eleni is a Master practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis. She does coaching and breakthrough sessions in person and around the world by video conferencing. Previously a personal trainer and nutritionalist.

Eleni works with woman who are beyond ready to ditch body hate and step into a level of happiness, confidence and clarity.

Eleni works with clients who have, challenges with Body Image, self love and acceptance.

In her own words "I help women love themselves NOW, without years of struggle and therapy. I was a personal trainer for 15 years, and I gave into the pressure of how a trainer was supposed to look... I never felt like I looked good enough, was skinny enough, muscular enough... I was dieting constantly and working out excessively - not because it felt good, but because I needed to be ripped. I never felt good enough. Even once I got married, I never understood what my husband saw in me. I felt fat, ugly, undeserving of his attraction to me. I felt so ugly that I couldn't go out, get dressed or leave the house. I cried constantly and couldn't be intimate with my husband because I felt too gross. One day, I was crying in front of the mirror and my 7 year old son caught me. He asked me why I was crying... I told him I thought I looked ugly. He said, “Who told you that?” I said, "No one, I tell myself that." He took my face in my hands and said, “But Mommy, I think you look perfect.” At this point I realized that it was all inside me. It didn't matter how much my husband and son loved me and thought I was beautiful... I didn’t believe it about myself, and until I did, I couldn't be the wife and mom I needed to be. Even though I believed my problem was too big and I was too broken, I started working with a coach on my own breakthrough. I thought I was beyond help. And then one day... I was getting ready for bed and I realized that I hadn't thought about my body for the ENTIRE day! Usually I would be looking in the mirror, pinching my fat and judging myself constantly. But this particular day I hadn’t even thought about it. At that moment I felt free from my body. This transformation was everything. I stopped dieting and started listening to my body. Now, I exercise because it feels good, not because I think I need to lose 10 pounds... I look in the mirror and think “I look good”. I NEVER did that before, even at my smallest. I have started doing hobbies I love, like painting classes and learning a new language... I can actually feel good about myself and I can give so much more love to my family. I have everything to give now.

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