• David Youhas

Publishing my book in December!

My book is almost finished! It has been a work in progress for the last several years. I now can see the finish line and its within sight! I hired a book coach last year that was a big asset to get me through so much! I am committing to finishing this, edited and published, by the end of December this year. Working on book cover presently with a designer. There is one chapter that has had me stuck for what feels like FoReVeR!!! and working through it presently! This is my first book. The purpose of the book is around healing and moving forward, after a divorce in the 8 key areas of your life. This book is a culmination of all my training originating in performance coaching and relationship coaching. What is unique with this book? The book utilizes; coaching, NLP, and hypnosis to triage where it hurts the most, and how to heal and move forward from exactly wherever you are. You can read the book like a healing diagnostic book, jumping to the chapters that apply. Or the book can be read sequentially, to see the big picture of the value of balancing and grounding our lives as a whole. We all deserve to be happy. And our children deserve the best possible us possible, that we can give them, as they are the ones that are often hurt the most, as they are torn between parents that have differences, and it is all out of their control. Our children deserve to be happy and loved unconditionally.

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