Super Secret Techniques for Resting and Sleeping More

April 22, 2018

My super secret techniques for resting and sleeping more...shhhhhhhhh. The last two years I have had patterns of sleeping less. New job, commuting farther, new routines, my kids are growing up fast, I have a demanding cat, etc. Studies show that we are sleeping less. 

A little expansion on my morning ritual. Watch this... when I wake up, no distractions and no communication to the outside world till after I take care of myself, meditate, eat, etc (except for the cat, feed him first or he will not let me meditate) I do not look at my phone, iPad or computer. That is time I dedicate to myself and look forward to. 

Second, an amazing technique that works when I awaken, because of thinking of things I need to do, bills to pay, things to schedule, whatever is distracting my rest... I have a note pad beside my bed. I capture the thought on paper. The feeling for me, is that something is unresolved or I have an open loop that needs closure. Amazingly this frees my mind from worry and going back to sleep is much easier. This has the additional effect of looking forward to resting and rejuvenating my mind, my body and my spirit when I lay down to sleep.

Lastly, I do not look at my phone for time or email, etc. if I wake up in the middle of the night. Exposure to light can hinder sleep 

A great book on the topic of setting the tone for the day of taking care of yourself first so you can be excellent for others. "Never Check E-mail in the Morning" 
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